How Often to Change Synthetic Oil

oil change on a car

So, how often do you change synthetic oil? According to the experts at our service department, synthetic oil should be changed between 7,500 miles and 15,000 miles. It’s important to note that this greatly depends on the type of vehicle and the type of oil you use. We recommend consulting your owner’s manual for the recommended oil change interval. If you think your vehicle may need an oil change, visit our service center at Redondo Mitsubishi located near Hermosa Beach.

What’s the Difference: Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil

Synthetic oil is often more expensive than conventional oil; however, it often lasts longer and provides improved performance on the roads of Manhattan Beach. We recommend checking your owner’s manual to see which oil is recommended for your Mitsubishi vehicle, as it will tell you whether synthetic or conventional oil is recommended. Often, a specific oil is recommended for each model, so it’s best practice to check with the manufacturer.

Why Should You Use Synthetic Oil?

Many El Segundo drivers will opt for conventional oil due to lower costs, but synthetic oil offers many advantages for certain vehicles. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable reasons to choose synthetic oil:

  • Longer Oil Change Interval – Depending on the vehicle, some synthetic oil can last up to 15,000 miles without an oil change. However, we highly recommend checking with your owner’s manual to be certain.
  • Better at Higher Temperatures – One of the reasons synthetic oil lasts longer than conventional oil is that it better withstands high temperatures.
  • Better for Performance – Because synthetic oil boosts a vehicle’s overall performance, it is usually recommended for high-performance cars or those that are frequently driven off-road near Redondo Beach

Can Synthetic and Conventional Oil Be Mixed?

Synthetic blends are a mix of synthetic and conventional oil, and can be a great solution if you’re looking for some of the benefits of synthetic oil at a lower cost. As the name suggests, synthetic blends are part synthetic and part conventional oil, so they’re able to provide better performance properties than regular oil at a significantly lower price than full synthetic oil.

How Much Does It Cost For a Full Synthetic Oil Change?

If you get your synthetic oil change done at Redondo Mitsubishi, the overall price varies depending on the type of vehicle and the type of oil used. If you need more information, our service center can provide an estimated oil change cost. We will base your quote on the make and model of your vehicle, trim level, model year, oil type, and oil brand. If you decide to let Redondo Mitsubishi change your synthetic oil, check out the service specials we offer to Compton-area drivers.

Schedule Professional Oil Change Service in Redondo Beach 

If you still aren’t sure if your vehicle is ready for an oil change, you can contact us to schedule an appointment. Our service specialists have the expertise to check your oil and determine whether synthetic or conventional oil is needed. With our experienced technicians, we’ll have you back on the Torrance as soon as possible!

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